Friday Oct 15, 2021
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US-India trade deal coming soon : Piyush Goyal

NAYA DELHI: The Indian government has said that the draft trade agreement between the United States and India has reached the final stage. Negotiations are underway to finalize the agreement before or immediately after the upcoming US presidential election.

India’s Union Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal said on Tuesday that he was in close contact with US Trade Representative Robert Laitzer regarding trade agreements between the two countries.

Addressing a meeting of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum, Minister Goyal said, “The entire trade package is almost ready and can be finalized at any time. In India’s view, the package reflects the victory of both countries. ”

Minister Goyal further said, “I have discussed with the US Trade Representative Leitzer. The two sides agreed to reach an agreement on or before the US presidential election in November. We are ready to make this agreement tomorrow. ”

He said the trade agreement would help deepen the strategic partnership between India and the United States.

Minister Goyal expressed confidence that if the understanding between the two countries continues to grow, it will pave the way for a free trade agreement between India and the United States in the days to come.

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