Friday Oct 15, 2021
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Nigerian school attacked, 100 missing

A group of gunmen has attacked a secondary school in Nigeria. One hundred people have not been contacted since the attack, Reuters news agency quoted locals and police as saying.

A group on a motorcycle carrying a rifle attacked a government science school in the northern Nigerian state of Katsina on Friday evening. Authorities say the group abducted some and escaped.

The group of armed robbers and the army exchanged fire for about an hour and a half. Police spokesman Isha Gambo said they fled after the army retaliated.

Police did not say how much damage was caused in the incident. About 200 residential students who fled after the attack have come in contact with the school. The attackers abducted some students, but local eyewitnesses said the number was uncertain.

Local media also reported that some students had been abducted.

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