Thursday Oct 14, 2021
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Transparency and mutual trust high in women-led schools

KATHMANDU: The level of economic transparency, mutual coordination and trust at community level has been found satisfactory in community schools with women principal.

Similarly, it is found that schools headed by women head teachers have effective coordination and run information, communications and technology-friendly programmes in continuity of learning after COVID-19, as compared to other schools.

These schools have carried out works like cleaning schools, holding parent-teacher discussions regularly and sending home work and question papers at the homes of students without access to means of communications.

In a virtual discussion programme organized by Society of Education Journalists (SEJ) here on Friday, the head teachers of some representative community schools shared that they have been able to produce good results due to their self-confidence and activeness.

President of Society of Women Teachers and head teacher at Kathmandu Nilbarahi Secondary School, Dr Januka Nepal, principal of Padma Kanya Secondary School Reeta Tiwari, head teacher of Nandi High School Geeta Kafle and principal of Devi Secondary School, Jhapa, and Ambika Shrestha shared their experiences regarding educational and administrative job at school.

They said they have been sincerely working for the interest of students and parents despite the challenges. Dr Nepal, President of Society of Women Teachers, said the Society has been making initiatives for expanding the capacity of women teachers, their access to and use of communications and for leadership enhancement.

Educationist Dr Bidyanath Koirala lauded the initiation taken by the women head teachers for economic transparency. He added that rather than getting confused whether or not to open schools amidst the risk of COVID-19, it would be better to focus on continued learning by adopting the appropriate method.

Chair of Knowledge Research and Learning Resource Centre, Babu Kaji Shrestha the exemplary initiatives taken by the women head teacher-led schools would be an inspiration to other schools as well.

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