Friday Oct 15, 2021
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Area administration service shut down

BAITADI: Services from the Area Administration Office in Hat of Puchaurndi municipality remain closed since the past five months. The services have been closed down due to lack of staffers.

Service delivery at the centre has faced problem due to lack of employees since August, said Assistant Chief District Officer of Baitedi Lokendra Singh Negi. An officer level staff is required to issue citizenship certificate and make recommendations for other service, but that has not been possible from the centre.

Of the seven approved positions for the centre, only two are fulfilled. As a result, the locals in the remote parts of the district are compelled to travel to the district headquarters for service.

A communication has been made to the Home Ministry for fulfillment of staffers, but we have not received any response yet, said assistant CDO Negi. As the District Administration Office too lacks required personnel, we have not been able to deputy anyone from here.

The Area Administration Office was established four years ago with the objective of taking government services closer to the people. But it remains obstructed time and again due to various reasons including lack of required personnel.

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