Friday Oct 22, 2021
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Chitwan sees no shortage of oxygen

CHITWAN:Chitwan is not likely to face the shortage of oxygen – which is mostly used in the treatment of COVID-19 patients. Three bog hospitals of Chitwan have their own oxygen manufacturing plants.

Oxygen availability will be adequate in the district with the operation of one additional oxygen manufacturing industry and two big suppliers.

According to Health Office Chief Deepak Tiwari, the Bharatpur hospital, Chitwan medical hospital and College of Medical Sciences Teaching hospital have their own oxygen plants. All these hospitals are providing COVIF treatment and care. In addition, Swargadwari Oxygen Plant is operational in Bharatpur metropolitan city-1, Ramnagar.

The Shanker Oxygen of Parasi, Nawalparasi and Bhajuratna Oxygen Gas of Parawanipur are also supplying oxygen to these health facilities.

Chief District Officer Prem Lal Lamichhane said there was no shortage of oxygen in the district for now. A team headed by CDO Lamichhane had made a onsite monitoring of the oxygen plants.

Though the manufacturing output of oxygen is good in the district, the increasing inflow of patients would demand more cylinders, CDO Lamichhane added.

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