Monday Oct 25, 2021
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Today the asteroid will travel close to Earth

The US space agency NASA has announced that a large asteroid will travel close to Earth on Friday. Named the 2020 ND, the asteroid is about 170 meters (about 557 feet) long and will travel a distance of .034 astronomical units (5,086,328 kilometers) from Earth. NASA lists asteroids that travel so close as potential hazards. The speed of the asteroid is 48,000 kilometers per hour.

According to NASA, asteroids traveling from 0.05 astronomical units or less are dangerous to approach Earth. However, it does not necessarily affect the earth.

A large asteroid is expected to collide with Earth on April 13, 2029

According to astronomers, an asteroid 1640 feet or larger is estimated to collide with the Earth once every 130,000 years. On April 13, 2029, the asteroid ‘99942 Epophysis’ will come out very close to the Earth. It could collide with the Earth or damage some satellites. The size of this asteroid is 1100 feet.

Each year, 30 asteroids collide with Earth

According to The Planetary Society, there are 1 billion asteroids in three feet, but they do not pose a threat to the Earth. Asteroids larger than 90 feet are in danger of causing severe damage to the Earth. Every year about 30 small asteroids collide with the Earth, but there is no significant damage to the Earth.

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