Friday Oct 15, 2021
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SNP More Focused On Conservation Of Finn’s Weaver

KANCHANPUR: The Shuklaphanta National Park (SNP) has come up with further efforts to protect rare Finn’s Weaver. Sunaulo Topchara is the Nepali name for this bird which is globally vulnerable and critically endangered. It is found only in SNP, Nepal and India of South Asia.

Now the park is focused on the regular surveillance, and study about habitats and birds foods. ‘We have just finished a week-long survey about the bird,” said SNP chief conservation officer Laxman Poudel. In Nepal, there four species of weaver: Finn’s Weaver, Baya Weaver, Streaked Weaver and Black-breasted Weaver.

Bird Conservation Nepal is annually monitoring the status and nests of Finn’s Weaver in the SNP, it is said. More, the park is concerned about the protection of other wildlife and birds at risk of extinction, according to Poudel. The SNP is home to 100-200 Finn’s weaver.

The yellow-coloured bird which looks like a sparrow apparently makes nest on a tree branch by weaving leaves. Ornithologist Hemraj Baral in 1996 had traced the presence of this bird in Nepal. The SNP keeps the update of the bird since its detection.

Though it was spotted in the Koshi Tappu, it has not seen there since then. This bird makes 20 to 100 nests collectively. Monsoon is breeding season for Finn’s weaver, it is said. RSS

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