Sunday May 22, 2022
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A second wave of corona is expected in Spain

A second wave of corona virus infection is expected in Spain. Extra vigilance has been adopted after a second wave of infection was suspected to have started there.

The second wave is expected to start in some northeastern cities as the number of infected people continues to rise. According to the BBC, there are now around 2,500 new infections in Spain every day.

Since the bandh was lifted about a month ago, major cities, including the capital Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza, have become infected. Twenty-eight players and officials from second-division football club Fuenlabrada have reported simultaneous infections.

The night business in the Spanish state of Catalana has been closed for two weeks. The Catalan capital, Barcelona, ​​is one of the most densely populated cities in Spain.

Other European countries have also become suspicious as the infection has increased in Spain. The United Kingdom and Norway have imposed mandatory self-quarantine on citizens returning from Spain. France has also warned its citizens not to visit Spain.

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