Saturday Oct 23, 2021
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10 houses in Durlung at high risk: geologists

PARBAT: Geologists have recommended the administration here to immediately shift 10 houses of Durlung village in the district to a safer location.

The houses in the vicinity of the landslide occurred two weeks back are in high risk of further disaster, the geologists warned after holding field study. Nine persons from Dhakalbari Durlung of Kushma Municipality-3 were killed in the landslide.

Making public the study report, the team of geologists arrived here from Department of Mines and Geology, recommended for immediate removal of 10 households to escape further tragedy. The team studied the features of soil and pointed out the reasons behind landslides.

“In view of the soil condition and possible threat, recommendation was made for relocating 10 households,” said team leader geologist Shiva Kumar Banskota.

He suggested that retaining wall, check dam and bio-engineering could be adopted to control the landslide. Large mass from Dhakalbari to Nuwarkhola was gradually depressing posing further risk, he added, urging people not to cultivate crops that need irrigation.

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National News Agency, Nepal