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MoCIT ‘s financial achievement stands at 87 per cent

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Communications, Information and Technology (MoCIT) has achieved 87.3 per cent fiscal achievement in the last financial year despite the COVID-19 induced economic slowdown.

The Ministry had received over Rs 5.96 billion under current expenditure and over Rs 1.55 billion under capital expenditure in the fiscal year out of which 92 per cent was spent under current expenditure and 72.1 per cent under the capital expenditure, according to the MoCIT.

In a ministerial level meeting held in the Ministry today, Ministry’s Administration Division Chief Radhika Aryal shared that of the major tasks and targets of the Ministries, 22 were accomplished during the last fiscal while rest others were partially carried out.

Among the targets achieved by the Ministry is expansion of broadband internet in 447 rural municipalities, 3048 community schools and 2,600 health centres. Furthermore, 273-km optical fiber has been laid in State No 1, State No 2 and Bagmati State under the Information Highway project.

Likewise, 527 rural municipalities of 77 districts have access to 4G internet service. Computer lab was set up in 476 community schools. Similarly, during the last fiscal year, various regulations, policies and Acts were approved including the Digital Nepal Framework 2076 BS and the Advertisement (Regulations) Act-2076 BS and the Nepal’s Satellite Policy-2077 BS among others.

The Ministry however could not accomplish launch of digital literacy campaign, Data Centre set up in Itahari and Banke, Internet exchange centre set up in Lalitpur and Butwal, formulation regulations and directives for postal services and well-equipped studio in the Kathmandu Valley among others works.

Likewise, the Ministry is yet to fully implement providing incentives to the senior journalists, launching social security programme for film artistes. The Ministry is also yet to prepare DPR for construction of National Knowledge Park at Khumaltar, Lalitpur. RSS records cent percent progress At the programme, heads and representatives of 17 different agencies under the Ministry presented their progress details of the previous fiscal year.

On the occasion, Chairperson of Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS) Harihar Adhikari ‘Shyamal’ said RSS achieved cent percent progress in the last fiscal. He however said that resources were lacking for physical infrastructure development and renovation and called for full hearted support for the greater interest of RSS, which stands as pride of the nation.

Stating that he was working with a target to make RSS prosperous, Chairperson Shyamal said,” I call for your positive role in the overall development of RSS.” He said the required support and coordination were not being received from the line ministry to his plan of making RSS self-reliant through the utilization of RSS’s physical assets.

Chair Shyamal also called for positive response on the proposal to recruit RSS correspondents in neighbouring India and China. The effectiveness of RSS has not been evident for lack of policy level responses, he said while adding, “RSS is the lifeline of the state’s communication, please support it.”

Meanwhile, issuing directives to those present at the meeting, Minister for Communications and Information Technology Dr Yubaraj Khatiwada urged all to develop a practice of completing the assigned responsibilities as per the prescribed work schedule. He also alerted all to carry out works by following the due process.

The coordination between the ministry and its subordinate bodies needs to be more effective. The ministry’s representative in the board of the office concerned should consult with senior authorities before taking any new decision, which will help promote the essential coordination, Minister Khatiwada added.

At the function, the Ministry Secretary Hari Prasad Basyal signed a performance contract with Minister Khatiwada. Likewise, Secretary Basyal signed a performance contract with the heads of various divisions of the ministry, and of the subordinate agencies of the ministry.

Accordingly, the heads of divisions and subordinate agencies will have to sign a performance contract with their subordinates and present a copy of it to the ministry within a month.

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