Monday May 16, 2022
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Water flow is high in Saptakoshi

KATHMANDU: The flow of water in Saptakoshi river has increased again. According to the measurement at 6 am today, the water level in Saptakoshi has risen to 25,675 cusecs per second, said Chief of the Armed Police Force, Battalion No. 4, Sunsari, Krishna Dhakal.

Despite high water levels, India has opened only 32 of the 56 gates of the Saptakoshi Barrage. The water flow in Saptakoshi had reached 182,100 cusecs per second yesterday. One hundred and fifty thousand cusecs of water in Saptakoshi is considered dangerous.

The local administration has urged the locals not to go to the area around Koshi saying that the flow of water in Saptakoshi is dangerous. A team of Nepal Army, Armed Police Force and Nepal Police has been kept in readiness for rescue after the high water level in Saptakoshi. A red light has been lit in Saptakoshi and two red flags have been hoisted on both sides of the barrage.

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