Monday Oct 25, 2021
Home Hundreds of settlements flooded in Kailali
Hundreds of settlements flooded in Kailali

KAILALI: Many settlements in Dhangadhi have been inundated due to incessant rains in Kailali. It is said that Bhajani of Kailali and various settlements of Joshipur have been inundated due to increased flow of water in Kandra, Kanda and Patharaiya rivers.

In Joshipur, 25 houses have been inundated. According to the District Police Office, Kailali, they have been shifted to a safe place. Similarly, eight houses in Joshipur have been inundated after the Patharaiya River entered the village.

More than 76 houses in Bhajani Municipality have been inundated, according to police. According to the locals, the food and clothes in the house were soaked and destroyed after the water flooded the house.

After Bhajani and Joshipur were inundated, the local municipality has started preparations to keep the citizens for relief and rescue in case of increased risk of floods.

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