Sunday May 22, 2022
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Rural roads blocked in Bajura

Bajura: Traffic on rural roads in Bajura district has come to a standstill. Due to incessant rains, landslides in some places on the roads leading to various local levels have blocked the roads and closed the means of transportation.

According to the District Police Office, the Martadi-Kolti road connecting the eastern and northern areas, the road from Martadi to Gaumul Gaonpalika Ghatmuna, from Martadi to Chhededah Gaonpalika Dogadi, from Bamkabazar to Triveni Municipality Toli and from Bamka Bazaar to Dogdil have been blocked. Similarly, roads constructed in other rural areas are also becoming blocked.

Village Municipality Vice-Chairperson Sita Thapa said that there was a problem in evacuating the locals as the road from the district headquarters Martadi to the center of Gaumul village municipality was also blocked.

“All the roads have been blocked and there is no way to drive. Now we have to walk for a day to reach the district headquarters. Despite the efforts of the village municipality to pave the road, it has not ended due to regular rains, ”said Vice-Chairman Thapa.

The Martadi-Kolti road has been blocked, causing more problems to the locals in the eastern and northern regions. According to the locals, it has become very difficult to walk on the awkward road after the road collapsed in different places. Local trader Birendra Karki said that the road from Martadi to Pandusain was completely blocked and small jeeps were plying from Pandusain to Dansagu.

The District Natural Disaster Relief Committee has stated that there is a high risk of landslides in the district due to the roads dug indiscriminately. In all the nine local levels of the district, only ordinary roads have been opened and will be completely closed as soon as the rainy season begins. As the condition of rural roads is deplorable, locals in all nine localities of the district are forced to take risky journeys.

Residents of the district are becoming scared as the roads cut without technical inspection will cause landslides. Long-distance and short-distance vehicles have been stopped after the road was closed.

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