Monday Oct 25, 2021
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Construction of 132-KV capacity sub-station completes

CHITWAN: The construction of a sub-station with the capacity of 132/33/91-KV has completed in Chitwan. One of the two power transformers installed at the sub-station and having capacity of 132/33 KV and 30 MVA respectively has been charged on no-load.

Project chief Raman Raj Sharma informed electricity flown to Bharatpur from Hetauda through the 132-KV transmission line was successfully charged. Now a preparation is underway to charge the transformers on load.

Sharma said the sub-station was constructed in the eastern Chitwan to supply the electricity flown through the Hetauda-Bharatpur transmission line. He further shared works are in progress to operate sub-stations automated system distribute electricity from 19-KV feeder within some days.

With the sub-station coming into operation it will check technical power leakage; users will also get quality, reliable and sufficient electricity and compulsion of load-shedding during summer season will end, he claimed.

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National News Agency, Nepal