Thursday Oct 14, 2021
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NAST develops mobile swab collection vehicle

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) has developed a mobile swab collection vehicle. The vehicle is said to be the first ever of its kind in the country.

It is said to be useful in protecting medical workforce from catching the virus from COVID-19 patients. According to NAST senior technician officer Dr Shankar Dhakal, the technology has been fitted in Toyota vehicles. NAST was assisted by the Nepal Army in developing the vehicle. The vehicles are to be used for collecting swab samples.

The technology is said to be highly helpful in lowering the risk of infection on swab collectors from the infected. The technology features PPE gloves, positive pressure chamber, virus filtering technology and ice box. In coordination of COVID-19 Crisis Management Centre, one such vehicle has been readied at Chhauni.

Some 25 people from different sectors had worked for at least five days to assemble the vehicle. The technology will first come into use from the Singhadurbar.

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National News Agency, Nepal