Monday May 16, 2022
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Swab collected from 508 employees in Singh Durbar

KATHMANDU: The Corona Crisis Management Centre (CCMC) collected swab samples from 508 government employees in Singha Durbar on Wednesday. The specimen was collected through a mobile swab collection vehicle.

The technical vehicle was introduced by the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology with the support of Nepal Army. The vehicle is used for the protection of medical persons in the crisis. With the use of this vehicle, the swab was collected from the employees including the Attorney General.

The Centre informed that the collection was focused on employees at various ministry departments, divisions, waste collection department and canteen. The vehicle has been effective to collect swab from 500 to 700 people in a day in a convenient and safe manner, doctors responded.

Essentials as PPE, gloves, positive pressure chamber, virus filter technology and icebox are available in the vehicle. Senior technologist at NAST Dr Shankar Dhakal said all technological accessories are available in the vehicle.

The vehicle is disinfected with a press of a switch by its driver while a doctor can disinfect the PPE and gloves by switching on a button with his/her leg.

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National News Agency, Nepal