Monday Oct 25, 2021
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With a fresh COVID-19 case in an employee, Itahari seals off all offices

Birat Anupam Itahari : Itahari has sealed off all offices including 20 ward offices after an employee tested COVID-19 positive. An engineer working at Planning Section of the Sub-Metropolitan City tested positive to the virus yesterday.

Following the report, a joint meeting of mayor, deputy mayor and all ward chairs decided to seal off all offices of Itahari until further notice. Laxmi Gautam, the deputy mayor informed that until the arrival of PCR reports, all activities and offices are ceased to function.

”Our meeting was held in presence of Chief District Officer of Sunsari today morning at 8 am and it decided to this effect”, said Gautam, ”However, emergency services like fire brigade and other needy services will be in regular operation.’

Gautam said the contract tracing and testing of all immediate employees and family members would be carried out in the first phase. ”It is found that the COVID-19 infected employee travelled to all wards and met many employees and people’s representatives, we have to test and trace all”, added Gautam.

Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City has a total of 103 people’s representatives and around 300 plus employees, informed Gautam. This is the second sealing in Itahari. Previously, Itahari had sealed 2 and 3 wards on May 19 following a positive case. However, after contact tracing and recovery of the 19-year-old pandemic patient, the wards were unsealed.

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National News Agency, Nepal