Monday Oct 25, 2021
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Over 1,000 new industries registered in Siraha

SIRAHA: Over a thousand new industries were registered in Siraha last fiscal year, despite the implementation of a four-month long nationwide lockdown (from March 24 to July 21) against coronavirus.

The Cottage and Small Industries Office, Lahan said during the fiscal year 2076-77 BS ( 2019-20) a total of 1,147 new industries: 530 towards service category, 490 towards agriculture and wildlife and 127 toward production were registered in the district.

Office chief Dipendra Kumar Yadav said the Office collected revenue of Rs 4.29 million by giving permission to run such a number of new industries. It may be noted that a total of 1,499 industries had been registered previous fiscal year.

Of them, 191 were for production group, 740 for service-oriented group and 558 towards agriculture and wildlife industries. According to Yadav, the registration for new small and cottage business is rising in the district with banks and financial institutions becoming liberal to provide loans for the operation of business.

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