Wednesday Oct 20, 2021
Home Pasang Lhyamu highway resumes operation
Pasang Lhyamu highway resumes operation

RASUWA: The Pasang Lhyamu highway which has been obstructed due to landslide since 3 August has come into re-operation.

Road traffic had come to a grinding halt at Dhunche Syafrubich Thulobharkhu ridge with the highway getting crumbled. Chief District Officer Hari Prasad Pant informed road traffic has been arranged through a new track along the highway corner since Sunday.

According to Traffic Office, the loaded containers that remained stranded had passed through the road to their destination. Three containers ferrying medical materials, which were stuck on the road due to landslide, have also made their headway to Kathmandu. Lhakpa Thokra, a local, said people have no bound of happiness with the resumption of obstructed road on the active leadership of the chief district officer.

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